How Does It Work?

Airlines send us data from wherever the aircraft is operating via a secure Internet link. We analyse the data and return valuable information to airline decision makers on a secure web site.

What Does It Cost?

For most operators, the price of the FDSL service is less than the cost of an in-house system. Why buy analysis software and hardware, employ analysts and pay maintenance charges when a service is cheaper?

And if you do set up an in-house system, will your team match the experience of FDSL's specialists?

A well-run programme, integral to the airline's decision-making processes, will save money. FDSL can help you to extract the full value out of your data.

What Service do FDSL Provide?

Engineers Need Data Urgently - Within One Hour
To support engineering decisions about the airworthiness of the aircraft, accurate data is needed fast.
Within One Hour of download,
  • Engineering alerts are emailed to the Airline
  • Flight data can be browsed on line
  • Engine Trends are updated
  • Data is available for visualization

Flight Safety Need Verified Data - Within One Day

Flight Safety managers need to consider operational events and be in a position to talk to the crews while the event is fresh in their minds. It is important to check the data first, and FDSL analysts will manually inspect each operational event before alerting the Airline.

Support for Complex Events

FDSL provide more detailed analysis of complex events in the form of reports, annotated graphs or visualisations.

These reports are usually completed within three days of the incident.

Can I See How it Works?

If you would like to view an online demonstration of the website and see the kind of information available to airline managers and flight safety officers, please contact us.