Magister Ludi has developed a Cabin Crew Resource Management Course, available in both CD-ROM and seminar version, as you prefer.  
    Computer Based Training (CBT)  
    Cabin CRM course introduces and increases crew members skills on communication, coordination and situational awareness in normal and emergency situations. It is based on the most recent researches made worldwide on the matter.

The Cabin CRM course covers the entire syllabus as laid out by the JAR-OPS 1 and it has been developed with careful attention to the contents and by using the latest multimedia technologies, including videos, pictures, graphic animations and drawings.

The Cabin CRM course is divided into 4 independent modules so it can be used for:

  • Initial CRM course
  • Recurrent CRM training
  • CRMI (CRM trainer)
  • J-CRM (Joint-Resource Mangement)