Magister Ludi has developed a Course on Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance compliant with JAR 145 and EASA Part 145.  
    Download the course Syllabus (.pdf)  
  The Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Course Part 145 is developed specifically for JAR 145 and Part 145 maintenance facility personnel including Managers, Supervisors, Certifying staff, Technicians, Mechanics, Planners, Engineers, Quality Assurance staff, and all the other personnel involved in the maintenance facility.

The Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Course covers the entire syllabus as laid out by the EASA Part 145, JAR-145.30/35 Appendix 9.

In respect to the understanding of the application of Human Factors issues, maintenance, management and quality audit personnel should be assessed for the need to receive initial Human Factors Training.
Magister Ludi Aviation is happy to provide the right tools for the required assessment, tailored to the maintenance facility needs.