Computer Based Training on Safety and Errors (SAFER Project) for Eurocontrol, Luxembourg

The Safety and Errors (SAFER) courseware has been developed for air traffic controllers at the rating training level. The "rating training" is a specialised training to provide knowledge and skills to enable air traffic controllers to progress to specialised Air Traffic Control.
SAFER consists of a Computer-based Training package, comprising a self-installing CD, using the latest multi-media technology, with sounds, videos, pictures, graphic animations and drawings.
The main objective of SAFER is the understanding of safety and human errors topics in Air Traffic Management by the air traffic controllers. Understanding human errors and safety means, that the air traffic controllers, after having performed the Computer-based Training, have sufficient comprehension of both topics to explain the relationship between error and safety, state the different types of error and differentiate between errors and violation, and describe error-prone conditions.

SAFER has been developed for Eurocontrol, Institute for Air Navigation Services, Luxembourg.
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